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UKFFFA is a national fighting force of individuals and groups who are actively involved in combating newly-proposed water fluoridation schemes and existing schemes.

We hope that our site will act as the central depository of fluoridation information for activists throughout the UK.  Newly proposed fluoridation schemes, from the first hint that they are being considered, will appear here first.  It’s vital that activists are kept up-to-date about activities of local authorities who are proposing fluoridation so we will also provide dates and venues of relevant council meetings.

Each month we will also post items of water fluoridation news, editorials and links to research reports.  These will be of UK and international interest.

We plan to index active UK websites and Facebook pages which are dedicated to fighting water fluoridation in the UK.

You can also search for any word that has been in the news over the last three years, to bring up a report or news update for the required month. Note that some pages may be long and contain multiple items

Recent highlights:

A tiny Caribbean island  leads the way for official integrity

A report from Chile finds fluoridation useless and harmful

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