2018 January

The UK FFFA’s first national conference was held on January 13th in London.

The event included a two-hour ‘World cafe’ style discussion  that gave everyone a chance to air their views and listen to others.   A full report was available to participants and can be . If you were not able to make it this time and would like to have a copy, please contact Ivor.

There were presentations, films and a great opportunity for active campaigners to get to know each other. Most important was the enthusiasm for  he new organisation and a willingness to help  structure and support it.  Part of the report on the discussion is a list of actions and tasks that need to be considered over the coming weeks.  There is also a    proposal to hold future meetings of activists and local group leader ,  in other parts of the country affected by current or likely proposals.. More of all this in  future updates.

New threat

Already a feasability study has been completed and a full proposal prepared, in a n area not previously considered to be threatened. . For the latest: .Go to ‘Current Threats’ to see for the latest news.

This month incxludes;

U.K. News


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A selection of reports and resources, including three different well written and  documents that collectively form a  thorough  presentation of the case. Why not print these out and keep them aside, ready to pass to any sceptical friend?

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As usual, reports and links to pages with news from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

U.K. News

11th December 2017

County Durham

Alarming news from the North East. reported in the Northern Star. Updates will be added as they  ocur on  the UKFFFA site. Meanwhile, anyone  in the area  of the three authorities mentioned –  please get in touch to ensure  we are in direct contact. .

FLUORIDE could be added to drinking water across County Durham in a bid to cut tooth decay among children.

Members of Durham County Council’s ruling Cabinet will be asked to vote next week on whether to carry out a full technical appraisal of a water fluoridisation scheme after an initial study showed it is believed to be feasible.

A report to go before the council says there are significant inequalities in oral health across County Durham, with 61 per cent of children suffering decay in the Woodhouse Close area of Bishop Auckland, compared to just six per cent in the Chester-le-Street South division.

The initial study found that it would be feasible to fluoridate drinking water across the whole of County Durham, but as it would also affect water to properties in neighbouring Sunderland and South Tyneside, all three local authorities would need to work together

At the next Cabinet meeting, which takes place on December 13 at the Town Hall in Durham, councillors will be asked to agree to a full technical appraisal, paid for by NHS England, Durham County Council and neighbouring authorities.




From Cynthia Bagchi

Nov  11

CENTRAL BEDS COUNCIL, we understand, has approximately just over 20% of its residents fluoridated. However, we have come to learn from Bedford Borough Council and Anglian Water that Pulloxhill, one of Central Beds original fluoride dosing stations (there are several), has not been in operation since 1996 but may soon come back into use

Further investigation reveals that PHE is relying on a contract made in 1971 by  the  then Bedfordshire County council as the local health authority  and the Bedfordshire Water Board  ( prioor to privatisation)  and relate to a water treatment works  subsequesntly replaced by a new site with a doifferent asset number but the same name. The  orignnal contract was neveri activated, nor is t here evidence that it was renegoriated or reassigned. Cynthia and her associaates are pressing Mid Beds to justify their actiuon and mor legal advice is being sought.


Report from Parliament ( House of Lords)

This is one of a number of mentions of fluoridation recently, as recorded in Hansard. The occasion was a debate on some details of the bill setting up the new Greater Manchester Authority. There were also several references  in a Lords debate on Oral Health. In each case, there were no dissenting or questioning voices from other noble Lords. There was also no positive action proposed, but it does illustrate the  mind set of some of our Elders and Betters.

 Lord Hunt of Kings Heath Shadow Spokesperson (Cabinet Office), Shadow Spokesperson (Education), Shadow Spokesperson (Health and Social Care) 3:56 pm, 25th January 2018

My Lords, it is a great pleasure to respond to my noble friend’s debate. As my noble friend Lord Smith mentioned oral health in the north-west, I remind the House that I am president of the British Fluoridation Society, which of course is the answer, at a stroke, to the dreadful oral health issues among children in Greater Manchester and the north-west generally.



Declan Waugh has asked fellow scientists and citizens to sign on in support of his lettert o the auhtorities  responsible for fluoridation in Ireland.


FAN, reporting on the letter  describes..the extraordinary efforts of environmental scientist Declan Waugh:…over the last six years this remarkable man has been moving Irish mountains: he has written long reports; published scientific commentary and research studies in peer reviewed journals; written dozens of letters to the newspapers and politicians and scientists and to government bureaucrats. .

Declan Waugh writing to the Irish Southern Star

West Cork   7th January, 2018. SIR – In the week before Christmas, I submitted a document to the Irish and European authorities regarding the highly-controversial policy of mandatory fluoridation of drinking water supplies in Ireland.

This policy mandates by national legislation that citizens, residents and visitors to Ireland must consume fluoride in water and associated beverages and foods.

The document was co-signed by many respected academics, scientists, medical doctors, midwives, neurologists, psychologists, biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, toxicologists, nutritionists and experts in pediatric medicine; as well as historians, poets, educationalists, some of Ireland’s leading food entrepreneurs and the cream of Irish songwriters, and musicians.

The latter group included Christy Moore, Declan Sinnott, Glen Hansard, Declan O’Rourke, Paul Brady, Sharon Shannon, Mary Black, Frances Black, Damien Dempsey, Steve Wall, Paddy Casey, Liam Ó Maonlaí, Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Jon Kenny, Steve Wickham, Jim Corr, Mary Coughlan, Paul Linehan, Ashley Keating, Mundy, Vyvienne Long, Juliet Feeney, Donal Lunny and Luka Bloom.

The document was also signed by multi-Oscar-nominated playwright and film director Jim Sheridan, author Patrick McCabe, Oscar-winning film producer David Puttnam and Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons as well as hundreds of citizens and parents across the length and breadth of Ireland.

The submission is seeking answers to specific questions from the authorities in the interests of transparency and accountability that the Irish State or its agencies has refused to address in the past and presents new evidence which demonstrates gross negligence and malpractice by the authorities on how this policy is governed in Ireland.

It is important to be aware that the day after this letter was submitted, Reuters reported that that a federal judge ruled that opponents of fluoridated drinking water in the USA can proceed with a lawsuit against the US Environmental Protection Agency under the Toxic Substances Control Act. The lawsuit by Food & Water Watch, the Fluoride Action Network and other groups relates to scientific evidence that fluoride that cause neurological damage to children.

If the Irish authorities don’t adequately address the concerns expressed in our submission, we may be left with no option but to take similar legal action against elected politicians with responsibility for the governance of our State and public sector employees with responsibility for water services, food safety and public health, to ensure that they comply with their obligations with respect to the health, safety and welfare of Irish citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Declan Waugh,

Scientist & Risk  Management Consultant,

11 Riverview, Bandon.