2018 August update




Below is the latest from Hull.

The County Durham and At Darlington work has continued to make councillors – and the public – aware of the danger of the appraisal scheme. see ‘threats’ More will be added shortly.

See below for Comments including attacks from the US fluoridation trills

The most cheerful campaigning planned this month : New Zealand! For international news, click here and go to the end of the UK section. New Zealand follows America.


Hull rejects fluoridation

A very welcome report in the Yorkshire Post,  that  printed a letter from Ann Willis, who did not have to live locally. Both the news and the letter were open up to comments, and contributions were from representatives of three UK  anti- fluoride organisations, with  long lengths of  ignorant, arrogant and aggressive  comments from three well known US fluoridation promoters.  For this month, try the correspondence link below the following article; for more of the correspondence,  contact SWIS for everything.

July 31st Yorkshire Post

Controversial plans to add fluoride to the water supply of more than 340,000 people in Hull and the East Riding to address some of the worst rates of tooth decay in the country “will not happen”, according to a councillor. The proposals – which had the backing of former Health Secretary and Hull MP Alan Johnson and the British Dental Association – were mooted more than three years ago.

It was championed as the best way of tackling poor dental health by the former chairman of the health and wellbeing board Coun. Colin Inglis, who retired this year, but was opposed by campaigners, the Lib Dem opposition and some Labour councillors. Yorkshire Water is carrying out a £68,000 feasibility study, but Cabinet member Phil Webster said he would not countenance the spending of “one more penny on this foolhardy scheme” and there was “no appetite for it whatsoever.”

He said it was “too expensive, undemocratic and unproven,” adding: “I’ve always said I think it is forced medication by the State. To quote Monty Python the scheme is no more. I am in charge of finance and I can confidently say it won’t be happening.”

New health and wellbeing chairwoman Coun Hester Bridges said fluoridation was “unlikely,” given the lack of “overwhelming” evidence and “massive” opposition. They also have to get East Riding Council to agree, as 87,000 residents would also get added fluoride. She said: “If there was a groundswell of people demanding fluoride I think we would be giving it more consideration – but there isn’t. People are saying very clearly they want (to make) that choice.”


The BBC both TV and radio have been clearly under the influence of the fluoride promoting camp or the scientist

The last in the series of Sunday  Politics TV programme on BBC North East  and Cumbria may still be on i-player, It’s on the last 30 minutes of the programme. Mike Watson, as a local activist had been interviewed at some length , then was heard  saying  a few words about fluoridated milk  … Dreadful bias, with two MPs. Would anyone else like to see the 8 minute morning session between a dentist in Birmingham and SWIS?

From Hull to County Durham, the proponents have not yet been stopped. Darlington is being included, although it is not part of the same system for water provision.  Action is now under way. At last, the Echo is reporting fairly and naming Joy, who had traveled from Coventry and local activist Alan.


County Durham proposal challenged


3rd July Northern Echo

BATTLE lines have been drawn over the possible introduction of fluoride to the public water supply, with campaigners claiming to do so would violate human rights and “poison” residents.

As Darlington Borough Council’s children and young people’s scrutiny committee voted to recommend the authority launches a technical appraisal to consider a water fluoridation scheme either in Darlington or across the Tees Valley, members were told scientists remained divided on its safety.

Joy Warren, of the UK Freedom from Fluoride Alliance, called on the council to pause its exploration of water fluoridation to thoroughly examine the evidence. She said there were more than 50 reports worldwide showing unborn children’s intelligence was reduced by the presence of fluoride in the womb.

Darlington resident Alan Hall added fluoride’s toxicity rating was between lead and arsenic and therefore was a “poison”.

He said: “Mass medication is a violation of human rights. Why fluoridate an entire population compulsorily when it is possible to reduce dental decay by properly targeted interventions, which work at the individual level, as indeed obesity programmes work?”

The committee was also shown photographs of children with dental fluorosis, and told fluoride did wider damage to the body.

Members said they had seen widespread dental decay in the town and some type of action was needed.

David Lands, a Public Health England consultant, said water containing fluoride had been drunk for 173 years in Hartlepool and for almost 50 years in other parts of the North-East and fluorosis had not been raised as an issue by medics.

He said: “There is very clear evidence of fluoride reducing dental disease and if look at the latest statistics the lowest levels of dental disease in the North-East are in fluoridated areas. Middlesbrough has almost twice the level of dental disease than Hartlepool.”

He added the lowest levels of children with a learning disability or autism spectrum disorder in the North-East were in those districts with fluoride in the water.

The committee’s chairman, Councillor Chris Taylor said from the evidence presented it was clear fluoridation was worth exploring further.



The BBC rejects fairness and freedom

July 25

This was a broadcast that was strongly in favour of fluoride, promoting it as a fluoridation scheme, or even as a produced of medicines . One speaker  listed the ‘arguments’ against fluoride in order to dismiss them all. It starts with an aural picture of teeth strengthened by the metal of fluoride. A letter has been sent  and another is planned.

Here is their  announcement

Fluorine: Chemistry’s Tiger

In Their Element, Series 3

Many chemists have lost their lives trying to isolate the periodic table’s most chemically reactive element – hence the nickname “the tiger of chemistry”. Fluorine can react with almost all elements. As an acid, hydrofluoric acid, it will dissolve glass. Yet chemists have been able to tame the beast – creating remarkable and safe uses for it by utilising its reactive nature that lets it make strong bonds with other chemicals.

The broadcast was spotted by Robert Carnaghan

This seems to be the ‘scientists’  starting with fluorine as something that protects our carpets and out teeth.

Video: I have available on request by Dropbox an example  of how Sky had a very different reaction  to news than BBC. Even earlier,  BBC  at one time  had a fair view on Panorama.

Robert’s comment:: BBC Radio 4 programme (9-9:30 pm) about fluoride, in the series “In Their Element”. was wholly one-sided regarding fluoridation. There’s little hope of getting the BBC to be impartial but perhaps, just perhaps, writing politely to Professor Andrea Sella and Louisa Field might be useful. There are others who have changed their minds, but  can’t offer much hope.


If anyone else hears it, please join in.